Welcome to Hicksville
In the middle of the desert, a few miles north of the “main drag” of Joshua Tree, down bumpy dirt paths marked with handwritten street signs, “No Trespassing” markers of every shape and size, American flags billowing in the dry breeze, and probably all sorts of hidden bunkers filled with artillery and canned food (and, sure, meth) is an artist’s retreat/hotel/oasis-of-wonder called Hicksville. It’s the kind of place where, once you stay for a night, you spend the next few days telling everyone about it.
It’s usually when I mention the hotel’s archery and BB gun range that people’s ears really start to perk up.
Read more about the hotel, plus some desert travel tips, here.


Marie Antoinette’s Theater…

RUSSIAN CROWN JEWELS - The Russian Nuptial Tiara worn by all Imperial brides on the day of their weddings. It was made around 1800 by St. Petersburg jeweler Jacob David Duval for Empress Elizabeth Alexeievna, wife of Emperor Alexander I.

Metropolis, 1927

old house in Palatine Bridge, NY.photo © AJ