Le Corbusier - Chapelle Notre Dame du Haut  - Ronchamp  
photo: Ezra Stoller - 1955

"I hate to shatter your ego, but this is not the first time I’ve had a gun pointed at me."
Pulp Fiction (1994) dir. Quentin Tarantino 
Thank you i-4m-mine.

"Among other things, you’ll find that you’re not the first person who was ever confused and frightened and even sickened by human behavior. You’re by no means alone on that score, you’ll be excited and stimulated to know. Many, many men have been just as troubled morally and spiritually as you are right now. Happily, some of them kept records of their troubles. You’ll learn from them—if you want to. Just as someday, if you have something to offer, someone will learn something from you. It’s a beautiful reciprocal arrangement. And it isn’t education. It’s history. It’s poetry."

- J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye (via observando)


Parents march in support of their LGBT kids, New York City, 1974

Keith Haring by Joey Harrison on Flickr.

Earl and Krule!

Missy Elliott On the set of her epic music video “She`s A Bitch”. 

Rage Against the Machine at Woodstock ‘99